mary reherMary Reher, BMT, MTA, FAMI, is a certified music therapist, and a Fellow with the Association for Music and Imagery. The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM) is an integral part of her work, both in its original form and in the many adaptations she has devised for use with individuals and groups of all ages. She has presented at conferences on her work using BMGIM with a First Nations client, and on Music and Imagery in healing unresolved grief in children. Mary has written articles and authored chapters for two books: “The Creative Arts Therapies in Adoption and Foster Care”, and “Guided Imagery & Music (GIM) and Music Imagery Methods for Individual and Group Therapy”.Enjoying the diversity of working with many ages and clientele, Mary has crafted a practice that uniquely fits her life and her long time home in the community of Pender Island (S,DÁ,YES) and the southern Gulf Islands. This has included many years working for the Montessori Preschool, School District, and Adult (Elders) Day Centre, as well as many privately run groups for a variety of ages. Mary continues to offer individual sessions in her studio or the client’s home, one day retreats, and a Community Singing for Fun/Joy Circle.Mary believes there is a steady light that resides within each one of us. Through years of professional practice and life experience, she seeks to assist clients in recognizing this light, and learning how to let it shine, through music.Both Mary and her husband Andy Nowak live close to their values and land. They built the straw bale house in which they reside, and established the large organic garden and orchard that feeds them year-round.