The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM)

What happens in a Guided Imagery and Music Session?

When you arrive at the house, Mary ushers you from her front door to the studio, a quiet, round room with walls made of straw bales and plaster. In this safe space, you and Mary have a conversation to see how you are doing, and what you are here for. Then, you lay on a comfortable mattress supported by the earthen floor beneath. Mary leads you in a relaxation induction using breath, imagery or body sensations, so that you can begin to calm the mind and relax the body. The music begins, a specially sequenced program of classical music that Mary selects for you personally on that day. As the music plays, it may elicit images from inside you; these are encouraged and focused by Mary, who serves as an active witness. After the music ends, you are gently guided back toward an ordinary state of consciousness. You may feel deeply relaxed, amazed, very moved, curious, or complete. You may be invited to draw a mandala or write at that moment, or you may prefer to simply talk about the images, and process them further once home. Deeper insights about the content of your session could well arise over the following days, as the experience percolates. You leave with a transcript, a written account of what has transpired during the session, to which you can refer whenever you wish.

The Bonny Method was developed by music therapist Helen Bonny in the 1970’s. As a music-centered exploration of consciousness, it offers you the opportunity to integrate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being, as well as awaken to a greater transcendent identity. The music is designed to stimulate and sustain a dynamic unfolding of unique and personal inner experiences.

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music can be beneficial for anyone who:

  • wishes to expand and inspire their creativity.
  • is experiencing physical or mental health challenges.
  • has trauma, loss or grief issues.
  • desires an opportunity to redress and explore past and present relationships.
  • is searching for a deeper understanding of themself.

BMGIM is available for individuals and groups. The format may be adapted, and is suitable for people of all ages – children, adults and elders.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and that which cannot remain silent.”
Victor Hugo

Heal the Heart.
Inspire the Soul.
Let Music be Your Guide.


Individual sessions are $140.00, and usually last 1.5-2 hours  

A single session can be enjoyable and beneficial. People often choose to do a series of 6-12 sessions. Multiple BMGIM sessions will facilitate expertise with the method, as well as deeper insights and understandings about oneself.

No musical background or special visualizing skills are required in order to benefit from this method. Sometimes it takes more than one session for the mind and consciousness (psyche) to learn how to work with the music and freely access images. As well, there are additional activities we can do during a session, to facilitate the generation of imagery.

How a session goes is always in your control. You can choose to follow one image and turn your back on another, if you don’t feel comfortable with a particular image. This is not a hypnotic technique – you are awake, but in a deeply relaxed state.


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The Bonny Method

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“My experience of Mary Reher’s Guided Imagery Meditation (the Bonny Method):

I have experienced five GIM sessions facilitated by Mary over the past two years. Each session was structured to encompass my presenting issue at the time. Initially, Mary explained the Bonny Method in a way that was easy to understand and which invited me into the process. My questions were welcomed. This put me on an equal footing with both facilitator and method. Mary’s gentle, respectful approach inspired confidence so that at the outset of each of the five sessions, I could comfortably entrust myself to the process.

Because Mary had taken notes throughout, which she handed over to me, I was able to review my own experience after the fact and come away with a more comprehensive appreciation of the depth involved. It was in looking back at these notes that I realized how components like the choice of music and relaxation techniques are critical to shaping the flow of imagery/introspection throughout each session.

It takes knowledge and skill on the part of the facilitator to guide the client along their unique path without interfering with this internal process. Mary does this like a seasoned midwife and her passion for her work is contagious. I come away from each session feeling more self assured, able to step forward more solidly on my path.”
“….I am in awe of your ability to heal and communicate. My heart swells with powerful emotions every time I read your words. I know they are about me so obviously I will feel powerful emotions upon reading the words but they are crafted so seamlessly together. I am swept away when I read from your chapter. What a powerful gift and something one day my grandchildren will appreciate. The essence of who I am is all there……of who all my relatives are is all there.
Meegwitch, thank-you Mary”
“I have had the gift of working with Mary Reher in the capacity of student in a class, and during private Bonny Method sessions. Over the years I have benefited from many modalities of therapy including Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, and CBT. Nothing has come close to the growth I have been privileged to experience in a very short time working with Mary. She is compassionate and wise. I recommend her with highest regard.”
Sig Frey
[What follows is] “an explanation of the profound experience I had during many sessions with Bonny Method practitioner Mary Reher. The work I did with Mary freed up my consciousness which had been weighted down with early childhood abuse and loss issues. As I walked through the dream world with Mary as my guide I was able to contact the very small child who was traumatized over and over again by a system whose goal was to destroy my identity. During these sessions I not only connected with my original self but I also had the opportunity to embrace my heritage (my heritage was the imagery for many of the healing sequences) and all the significant members of my tribe……. This work was a complete transformation in terms of me being able to embrace my life as a productive artist. When I began work with Mary I was unable to write or do much with creativity. I believe my spirit was crying out to be heard, but I was frustrated with conventional therapy which could merely validate my history of abuse but was completely ineffective at helping me to feel the buried memories so I could begin to resolve them. I also think I was afraid to begin a serious artistic life because of what I might bring up so I was in a frustrating hold pattern. Today I am working like a bee to TRY and keep up with all of my creative juices and I believe I owe a great deal of this spark to The Bonny Method.”
former client