Frequently Asked Questions

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Please dress comfortably for indoors (slippers optional), wear walking shoes, and bring outer clothes appropriate for the weather. If you have a comfortable, small sized mat, you are welcome to bring that as well. (I will have a small assortment of pads and blankets to share).

The Retreat is for adults of all ages and youth(15+). Some outdoor walking is included, although sitting still near the house could be an option if someone feels unable to do a slow walk on a forest trail that includes some uphill. No experience in any of the modalities is required. 

There is value in attending both the Spring and Fall retreats, as it would offer a reminder and practice in an inner-reflective way of living.  Inherent in each of the modalities offered, is the potential to deepen and grow with repeated exposure.

It appears that many of us develop a habit of living super-engaged, busy, outward-focused lives. The reality is however, that health and well-being will increase if we have greater balance in our lives, and this will strengthen our resilience. These retreats offer a chance to reach for that balance, through experiencing inner reflection inspired by music and art, deep connection with Nature, and the potential for solace and grounding available through chanting and time spent in stillness.

Speaking personally, all of these things – music and imagery processes, strong connection with nature, and a regular practice of meditation – have given me tools to navigate and honour the richness of my own life, in all its aspects. Thus, I wish to share these elements with others, in the beauty of my home environment. The retreats are my response to the troubles of humanity and the planet, resulting from the sense of separation and isolation many people experience.

For cancellations less than 30 days in advance, no refund is available unless the spot can be filled.

A little less than half the time will be spent in silence. Silence will be a part of each “activity” of the day in one way or another.


If you are a small group of 4-5 friends, family or colleagues who wish to share time together, we could schedule a time to hold a private Retreat for your group.

Please use the Contact Me page to initiate the conversation.