Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the skillful use of music and musical elements by an accredited music therapist to promote, maintain and restore mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

What does Music Therapy do for us?

Music Therapy aims to

  • promote health and wellness
  • enhance quality of life
  • promote recognition of music as a personal healing resource

Can Music Therapy help me?

Music Therapy addresses many needs,
such as:

  • Chronic Health Challenges
  • Stress Management
  • Physical or Developmental Challenges
  • Palliative Care
  • Trauma or Abuse Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Expansion of Creativity and

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Who is a Music Therapist?

A music therapist is an accomplished musician who has received professional training in the field of music therapy and who has experience in the use of music as a therapeutic agent.  As a musician, a music therapist uses the elements of music such as rhythm, melody, harmony and form within a variety of musical experiences.  As a therapist, a music therapist recognizes the effects of music on human behavior and is able to interpret, encourage and guide the client throughout the therapeutic process.

What can I expect from a session?

Music therapy sessions are structured to reflect and meet
the needs of the client. Sessions may include:

  • singing
  • moving to music
  • instrument playing (structured or improvised)
  • composing
  • voice work
  • listening to music
  • guided imagery (Bonny Method)
“Happy people live in love. Through your music and creative nature, I feel this in you….. You are a shining gift on this island, and in this world. You really are. You are sweetness for the soul of all.”
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything”.


– In my home studio: $85 per hour or portion thereof

– In the client’s home: $100 per hour or portion thereof.

Confidentiality is assured.

Personal Statement

I love people, care about humanity, and have a long history with music. Over all my years as a therapist, I have gained many skills and also continue to have a deep wondering about the human condition, leading to an ongoing stream of curiosity, questioning, and learning. To our session, I bring the wisdom of many years of life, and an abiding sense of compassion. Every person is treated with respect. The session format is created and sculpted for each individual according to their objectives, needs and wishes, and my intuitive understanding of what may be called-for. From working/playing with children with developmental or emotional challenges, to making home visits to elders who are in a dying process or are living with dementia, the field of MT can be a rich open book full of possibilities.

Sessions are available for individuals or groups.  This work is suitable for children, youth, adults and elders.

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“Music is the shorthand of emotion.”
Leo Tolstoy


“I so enjoyed being part of your group. To be able to sing with others and feel supported and not judged is wonderful. It is a treat to be led by someone like you who has so much knowledge and patience!”
Corinne Parker
singing group participant
"Mary delivers music sessions for Ptarmigan’s Art for the Heart, a program that brings the healing power of art and music to isolated seniors. Her sessions have been powerful and therapeutic for the seniors she works with. I have observed first- hand the effect of Mary’s music sessions with my mother, who is living with Alzheimer ’s disease. Mary’s sessions bring joy, connection and vitality into my mothers’ life, and afterward there is a marked and lasting improvement in my mother’s mood, focus and energy levels.”
Lisa Fleming
Executive Director of Ptarmigan Arts, daughter of participant
“I think you are doing an amazing job with these little ones.”
Brenda Lepine
Principal & Teacher
“Mary, thanks for your program. It's keeping my heart light….. I was singing all the way home!”
Julie Johnston
singing group participant.
“The students [Mary] works with at [the] School are high needs referrals: Chronic Health, Learning Disability, sensory dysfunction, abuse therapy……Mary’s very specialized skills go far beyond her musical ability. Her acuity in providing therapy for students, whether 1:1, or in small groups, is extremely professional and individualized. She develops goals, objectives, and methods in critical alignment with individual needs, and obtains very real results. She integrates occupational therapy with creativity, relaxation, and musical skills. Her approach nurtures a sense of calmness, but also an empowering sense of positive self-awareness and self esteem……We are fortunate to access Mary’s expertise and singular sensitivity. Her students trust her. They know she’s there to help them move through their significant challenges.”
Paulette Zacharias
Special Education Integration Teacher
"Thanks for your insight regarding our little folks. I've always appreciated your work with the kids in the district, Mary, and knew how your support was so necessary for so many kids. Now that you are working directly with the kids that I work with, I REALLY appreciate what you do. You have this ability to get to the essence of the child and can articulate what we we've been trying to put our 'fingers' on but couldn't quite get the right words...we are happy you are seeing these boys."


Sessions are available for individuals or groups.  This work is suitable for children, youth, adults and elders.

To book a session, please contact Mary