Pender Island, B.C. (S,DÁ,YES)
Spring Retreat



Unwind and discover heightened clarity, creativity and peace in your life

April 27, 2024

Full day – 10:00am – 4:00 pm
Mary’s home studio and forest – Pender Island, B.C. (S,DÁ,YES)

Registration deadline: April 15

What to expect:


Exploration of inner lives using music, art and adapted Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)


Please bring a bagged lunch.


Walking meditation – Focused awareness in nature

Chanting and silent meditation

Reflection and integration

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In this segment, the participant is given a spoken guided instruction designed to relax the body, which helps to open the mind. Once the music begins, the listener experiences a free flow of imagery as inspired by the music. After the music, participants are gently encouraged to ‘return’ and have the option of expressing some aspect of their journey through drawing, or writing.

This process can bring up imagery that can potentially lead to an expanded understanding of oneself. Personal insight, creative inspiration, relief of stress, or spiritual experience are all possible benefits. Every individual will experience this gentle process in a unique way.

Even though things appear ‘inanimate’, there is life all around us. When we quiet our minds, sharpen our awareness, and spend time in nature with all our senses attuned to the surrounding natural world, there can be surprising benefits. One may see/hear/feel the exquisite beauty of colors, shapes, textures or forms. It becomes possible to glimpse/feel the inter-connectivity of the vast web of life of which we are a part. This can feel calming or exhilarating, and can help relieve the isolation of our human condition.

Our  bodies are our instrument. Singing or chanting releases a flow of vibration through the body, carried by the breath. The positive words of Spirit become absorbed into us through repetition. When our singing ceases, one can readily feel the vibrational flow in our bodies and in the room. It is a lovely way to segue into a period of silent meditation, making it a little easier to settle the mind.

Silent meditation is about learning to place our thoughts on the back burner and concentrate our focus on breathing or sensations, that help us to be fully present in the moment. It is a life-long practice, with benefits building over time. All aspects of life – work, play, family, etc. – will benefit from the grounding and centredness that comes from a meditation practice. Meditating within a straw bale house is particularly lovely, because it is such a quiet environment.

There are 2 times in the day when we will spend a few minutes in reflection and integration. At the end of the music and imagery experience, those who wish to, may share about their artwork/writing and the experience they had while listening to the music. This gives people an opportunity to integrate their imaginal journey through outward expression, and to feel the sense of connection that may arise through witnessing other people’s experiences.

At the end of the day, we will re-form the circle to share our thoughts or feelings in the moment, and reflect about the retreat day. Again, this type of outward expression helps to bring integration and closure, as well as connection with others.


The retreat will be held In Mary’s studio in our Strawbale/Cob house, which sits high on a hill above our garden and acres of forested land.


A truly intimate and personal experience

Limited registration.

Early Bird
$130 if registering by April 1, 2024


$145 if registering April 2-15, 2024

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Would You Like A Retreat at a Different Time?

If you would like to experience a similar retreat together with a small group of Friends, Colleagues or Family, please contact Mary. Private retreats of this nature can be arranged on a mutually agreeable date.

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“I found myself feeling awed and inspired by the work of Mary Reher, even over a month later. The transitions between activities was seamless – I loved Mary’s gentle, accepting approach, particularly her use of language. It was an excellent time and I would highly recommend it to others in the helping professions. Thank you, Mary!”
Mary does this like a seasoned midwife and her passion for her work is contagious. I come away from each session feeling more self assured, able to step forward more solidly on my path."
“Nature is how I personally connect with spirit. Pender Island and Mary's home was an incredible place to do this!!”
“Its been over two years now and I still recall the vivid images in my mind from the Guided Imagery. They still give me a wonderful sense of peace and assurance”
"Thank you Mary for giving yourself today! I came away today with the need of slowing myself down (mind & body). I feel like the day as a whole achieved this, a grounding for me. Letting go of the fear and just allowing the present to be. I very much enjoyed the meditation work, progress for me.
"The day ended all too soon. I felt so calm, rested and unwound."
“I’m most grateful for the safe, secure space in which to be open to my peers, to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in front of others. No judgment, just support.”
"Beautiful day, Flow, quietness, variety of ways to be still and present. Welcoming, encouraging, accepting, you are all these things. Thank you!"

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